Here’s Another 5 Steps for Building Good Homework Habits

6.  Be Accountable to your own Personal Cheerleader—a parent, a homework buddy, a sibling who isn’t out to get you, etc.

  • Not your dog. Your dog will congratulate you even when you don’t take care of business.
  • Not your cat. Your cat won’t care about anything except sitting on your keyboard.Navigating Life 101

Read your list of homework tasks that have to be completed tonight aloud to your cheerleader, including the time it will take to accomplish them. It helps commit you to the process.

7.  Every time you complete something on your list, boast about it to your cheerleader. (This is important!

8.  If you underestimated the amount of time an assignment takes, tell your cheerleader, and then make adjustments. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn about how fast you complete your work. As the year goes by, this is a great skill to develop.

9.  DECIDE where you are going to put homework assignments when the teacher assigns it. Stuffing it into your bag or pocket is not an option, even if the teacher gives it to you while you walk out the door. Put a folder in the very back of your bookbag so you can stuff random assignments in it. When you get ready to do work, it’s an easy grab, and everything will be in one place. Then, DECIDE where all completed homework goes.

10.  Meet with your teachers while working on long-term assignments to verify you are on the right track. There’s nothing worse than sinking hours of your valuable time into a wonderful and imaginative creation, only to find you misinterpreted the original requirements. This is the way they do it in the business world, so you might as well make it work for you.

Don’t think for a minute that this is all I have for Homework Habits suggestions, but I said I was going to give you another 5, so I’m only giving you another 5.

Do you include something else in your homework plan? I’d love to hear about it. It might make it into my next list.